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I Finally Figured Out How to Finish a Bling Project...

Written by Tanya Bradwell

So... I absolutely love shiny things. Blinged out tumblers, shirts, name it, I want it blinged out. Being a crafter, I naturally tried my hand at making these things myself but for some reason, I am just not into making them. A year or two ago, I bought all of the supplies because I saw so many gorgeous posts on social media. My first project; a blinged out Starbucks Hot Cup.


This was the first time I had done this kind of project so I was proud of myself. The end result was so cute to me so I immediately made plans to do another cup   with different stones on it.


My next project was to bling out some sneakers. I practiced on a really old pair of sneakers just in case I messed up. This is when things took a turn. The excitement for blinging was dwindling. So instead of blinging out a whole shoe, I opted to only bling the toe of my favorite sneakers.

Next, I pulled out a gorgeous matte rose gold skinny tumbler. I started at the bottom and at some point there was the realization that blinging was something that I would have to leave to the real blingers, LOL. That rose gold number and the other bling projects were placed on a shelf and started collecting dust. It just seemed to take forever to finish that kind of project.

Recently I went to an event called The FSJ Bead & Bubbly and there was a session on blinging. I was like, "meh". But the instructor, Talaya Jones of Charmed by TJ, really got me excited about it again. She had these amazing bling kits for all of the participants and it was so much fun!

After the event I was pumped! I pulled out my old incomplete projects and made a vow that I was going to finally get them done. I started with a make-up brush and got it done. Then I did the word on a tumbler and I absolutely fell in love with that kind of design. When I got to that darn rose gold tumbler where the whole thing needed to be bling out, I lost my momentum. It's now back on the shelf unfinished.

It was then that I figured it out. As long as I do not have to cover a whole object in rhinestones, I can kinda enjoy it.

So, if you want to try blinging and you are not sure if it is your ministry, try some projects that  do not require you to bling the whole thing. Do the toe of your sneakers or add a word to a tumbler using permanent vinyl and only bling the word. AND, these kinds of bling projects do not take as long to make! It works for me. I can actually see myself doing more projects like that. 

Creatively Yours.