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Handmade Necklaces is My Jam!

Written by Tanya Bradwell

This will be a relatively short post. I am just reminiscing!

Today I was going through pictures and came across a picture of some necklaces I made a few years ago. I had been making custom bracelets for a while and decided to expand my skills into making necklaces.

Cue the research...

So, I started watching all kinds of videos and reading posts about how to properly construct a necklace. I was pretty confident in my ability to design necklaces but those videos make closing a necklace look too easy. I just was not getting the hang of it.

A local jewelry artisan, named Natalie Jackson of The Frazier Stone Company, was having classes on necklace construction so I decided to invest in myself and take her class. It was so worth it!

In that class I really got the information I needed to help me close necklaces. Like every other craft, it can take time before you master it. Once you get a solid foundation of the fundamentals then you can tweak what you have learned into a process that works well for you. That is just what I did. Now...I pass on my own processes to others and teach how to make necklaces. If you need help...check out my site for the virtual class. :-)